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The Zero Waste Shop Revolution by Milena Glimbovski – founder of Germany’s most famous zero waste shop – is the story of a woman, who made a difference.

In 2014 Milena Glimbovski had the bold idea to open a plastic-free supermarket Original Unverpackt. At the time the idea felt like a long shot. Many years, TED talks, successes, and failures later, she has arisen as an icon in the global zero waste movement.
In her book she talks of her experiences, the zero waste movement, and each recipe, trick and life-hack she learned on her journey. This journey is inspiring and its telling is both sincere and scathingly funny. 

There is a better way.


   ‘’If you’re currently sitting at home, in lockdown, tired of skipping through reruns of your favorite shows, and wondering how you can make a difference; do yourself a favor and read this book’’

Per Gouras, translator of The Zero Waste Shop Revolution


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ISBN: 978-3-00-067393-1

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